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Real estate agency " Uni Commerce" offers two options for dealing with customers who wish to use the services of the company

I. Option - a comprehensive service

Comprehensive service for buying, selling or renting property , which includes all activities required to carry out a transaction relating to each case , a personal commitment to an employee of the firm and continuing commitment to the agency's successful finalization ( Preliminary contract purchase sale , notarization , entry into possession or signing a lease with an inventory and record of primate - transmission ).


When a customer chooses this service are not charged any additional fees , commissions and more. stoynotta out of service , the agency works with the following fees:

  • Brokerage service when buying or selling a property - 2,5% VAT of the agreed price , which will take place for the acquisition of property.
  • Brokerage service when renting or leasing of real estate - 50% VAT from dogovereniyat monthly rent once.

The amount of the fee is paid at the time of signing the preliminary contract for sale, lease or other contractual terms in specific transactions. Engaging agency is after the signing of an agency agreement ( the possibility of an exclusive agreement giving preferential price of the service , as well as open a contract with options for working with other agencies and sources) specifying the conditions and obligations of both parties .

II. Option - choice of service according to the individual needs of the client

This option allows the customer to choose the colors specific service (one or more) that wishes without any further commitment to work with the agency outside the service / s that you said. Each individual service to be purchased in advance in the prescribed manner and then performed by the company.

Addition, the client has the opportunity to purchase certain offers of properties for sale and rent professional systematic and verifiable information, photos (if any) and additional materials. Buying customer receives offer direct contact details with the owner - phone , e-mail and more. , Address of the property ( if the owner is willing to be published ) and full details of the offer , without a further commitment to agency thereafter. All service prices and offers are subject to VAT.

All offers provided for purchase are checked for timeliness , cost, and at the date of the application on the client side . If, after the inspection reveals that the offer to the date of the application is invalid, it shall not request , and it does not pay any sums. We have no liability and no refunds on purchase offers conditions change by the owner or change the relevance of the information (sale or rental price , relevance , etc. . ) If the client uses the information provided to it at a later stage from the purchase of the bid.



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