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Oreh – SP

Oreh – SP performs various projects in the field of construction and repair. “Oreh – SP” Limited is a construction company established in 1994 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The main activities of the company are construction of one-family residential buildings, exterior heat insulation, repair and finishing works. “Oreh – SP” is a company, which adapts well to the changes on the Bulgarian market. We believe that a well-informed and flexible team can complete any project consistent with legislative requirements and customers’ demands. “Oreh – SP” has been in the industry for years. Its team of employees has a rich professional experience. Working with different customers on various projects has taught our specialists to approach each new task individually, performing their responsibilities with excellence within the set deadlines. The company has built strong relationships with other enterprises from the industry such as producers, suppliers and competitors. This provides us with a solid base for communication with the other parties on the construction market, as well as an advantage to new companies on the market. Oreh-SP provides the following services 1. Construction of one-family residential buildings “Oreh – SP” offers services in the field of construction, finishing work and repair of one-family residential buildings. The company’s team has experience in all phases of the process of developing a construction project. We work with ready-made architecture plans. But we also develop our own project development cycle – planning, execution and evaluation. 2. Exterior heat insulation We offer complete and partial outer heat insulation for new and old buildings. A large number of the old buildings need heat insulation, which implies strengthening of the buildings, roof repair and leaks maintenance of other parts of the building. In the process of maintenance and repair of old buildings we include renewal or change of the current electricity and heat installations, as well as of the water and sewerage systems. 3. Exterior water and sewerage systems “Oreh – SP” offers planning, construction and repair of exterior water and sewerage systems. Since the installation of such systems is an inseparable part of the construction and repair works of the company, we have prepared professionally to meet our customers’ needs. 4. Interior installations We offer construction and setting up of all types of installations: water and sewerage; electricity and heating. No matter whether the installation work is part of a repair process or the systems must be fully set up, “Oreh – SP” offers the service with excellent quality. 5. Dry construction The company offers a wide range of services in the dry construction sector. • Suspended ceilings • Plasterboard ceilings and walls construction 6. Water-heating caldrons and steam generators “Oreh – SP” delivers and installs water-heating caldrons and steam generators. They serve household as well as industrial needs. The types of caldrons and generators that the firm offers: electrical and caldrons working on solid fuel, oil or gas. We also provide maintenance of our products. 7. Metal constructions • Fences, doors, grids, etc. Projects 1. Projects completed • One-family residential buildings – Prvaets, Bistritsa • Construction of a storehouse – Stabex Company, Sofia • Construction of a production facility – Stabex Company, Sofia • Construction of a testing lab for cosmetic products – Sofia • Repair works 1. Restoration of an office building – Animus Association, Sofia 2. Reconstruction of a movie hall – Pernik 3. Repair of residential and public property

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