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NDB Ltd.

NDB Ltd. delivers the most up-to-date software solutions in the area of IT through its network of business partners in the country and supports rhem through:

l  Business partner training and qualification

l  Product update sessions for partners

l  Sales assistance

l  Technical consultations by our certified specialists for Tivoli storage solutions, Informix database servers, VMware solutions, Red Hat, Lotus collaboration platform

l  Project assessment

l  Configurations

l  Pricing and licensing

l  Order and delivery of product licenses

l  Installation

l  Technical support

l  Renewals and reinstatements orders

In July 2010, in the office of NDB Ltd. was opened an IBM Technical Exploration Center (IBM TEC). TEC Bulgaria has the most modern technology called "baby cloud", which are equipped with two such centers in the world. The aim of the TEC is the preparation of new software engineers, enabling tests, presentations, PoC, PoT, professional training for deployment, performance upgrades and new IBM products to our customers and partners.


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