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3D laser scanning and modelling; Spatial behaviour examination of building and structures; deformation monitoring; Expert examinations, specialist research; Reverse engineering; Investigation and monitoring of building and structures; Documentation of archaeological sites and monuments of architecture and culture; Cadastral and specialist maps and plans, underground structures plans – completion, amendments and updating; Urban planning, detailed development plans (PUP) – communication, building and cadastral plans for the infrastructure, etc.; Investment design; geodetic/topographic and structural surveys; as-built drawings; Geodetic surveys, set-off, property division, GPS and high-precision measurements, precision levelling, computation of area and volumes in civil and industrial engineering, transport infrastructure, mining, etc.; Geodetic support in property development, preparatories, size and volume computation, as-built drawings, elevation surveys, expert assessments; Registration of new developments into Cadastre for the needs of Occupancy Permit of sites – as-built documentation; Project supervision at design and construction stages.


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