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 It is our pleasure to present DINATURS Ltd, which is an officially licensed travel agency by the State Tourism Agency with tour operator certificate № RK- 01-7155. The company is managed by highly qualified staff with extensive and varied experience in the hospitality business.

The head office of the company is located in Ruse on 3"Voyvodova" Str.

DINATURS offers comprehensive services in the field of tourism and provides the latest information for any kind of tourist service on the market. The company has strong positions in the tourism industry and has established solid contacts with a great variety of hotels, which have all the conveniences and equipped facilities for hosting successful congresses, business meetings, events and leisure activities. 
We offer a wide range of tourist services, concerned with the planning of your trip and will contribute to making it an unforgettable experience.

The services we provide include: 
-Hotel reservations in Bulgaria and abroad for You, Your family and Your business partners
-Organizing conferences, seminars, presentations, team-buildings and business meetings
-Organizing trips and excursions of Your choice – sightseeing trips, weekend programmes, eco tours, wine trips
-Themed tours, folklore, cultural tourism, adventure and experience holidays, spa tourism, rafting etc.
-Transport and guide services
-Airline and bus tickets
-Rent-a-car, transfers
-Any type of travel insurances

Our mission

Our mission is to achieve and maintain a successful and long-term positioning on the tourist market at the regional, national and international level.

Our values and purposes
Guided by our mission, we have formulated our key values and objectives:

-High standard of service – we want to establish our presence on the market as a leading travel agency with attractive, high quality and affordable suggestions for a wide range of customers, provided competently and kindly by us.
-High professionalism - personal and professional assets of all members of our team, combined with creative and innovative thinking, guarantee achieving excellent results and creating a professional environment for development.
-High loyalty and responsibility-abiding by the rules, standards and norms in the company.
-Customer focus - creating and supplying a product, desired by the customer. By accomplishing this purpose, we guarantee that the interests of the client stand higher than the interests of the company.

Our competitive advantages:

-Corporate culture, which unites all team members through the general principles and values of our professional activity.
-Professional team
-Partnerships with leading companies - tour operators, tour agents, hotel chains, bus operators, airlines and more.
-Constant monitoring of the tourism market.
-Representative offices located in the most accessible and central places of the cities
-Application of leading technologies- reservation systems, payment systems and communication.

Our activities

We offer a complete package of services to our customers:

-Reservations and issuing of tickets /bus, airline and ferry/ to Bulgaria and abroad
-Hotel reservations, vacations and holidays in Bulgaria and abroad
-Organized and individual excursions to any destination in the world
-Business tourism - fairs, congresses, symposia, seminars, etc.
-Rural and eco tourism
-Holiday and weekend packages in Bulgaria and abroad
-Car and bus rental, rent-a-car
-Travel insurances and green cards

Visit our offices or email us for more information and offers.


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