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Companies, Dairy products

Mark EAD

Energy every day!

Mizia Milk

Natural milk products

Meglena - J EM Ltd.

Manufacture of dairy products, fresh and sour milk and cream of milk and plant-based


OMC AD process and the Bulgarian market dairy products under the brands: Correct, Fibella, Khansko, Rusalka and Vitalakt

PAVLINA Tsoncheva - 2000

Trade, change, filters, mufflers;

Merone - H

Production and marketing of dairy products;

Lactina, Ltd.

Starter cultures and probiotic products for humans and animals


Cheese, other cuts - BMP


BBB - premium juices and milk

Association of Dairy Processors IN BULGARIA

Association of dairy producers and service companies. Member of the European Association of Milk EDA
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