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Companies, Booksellers


Stationery and toys, industrial goods, gifts and flowers, a variety of items

General Knowledge

Book exchange for books, textbooks, and forms knizharski goods, toys;

ET CHER - C. Sherbanov

Office supplies, toys, souvenirs and photocopying services; kids' books


German and Spanish office supplies, greeting cards. Xerox services, laminating, binding with a metal spiral, party items


Books, stationery, backpacks and pencil cases BUSQUETS - direct import from Spain. Bookstores in Plovdiv, Sofia

BV, Ltd.

Distribution of books - academic and fiction. Stationery, supplies, school supplies. Photocopying


Books for Christian literature

EXPRESS 2001 ALO, Ltd.

Laminating, binding, copying, flexographic printing, labels, stationery
Dimitar Blagoev Printing and Publishing

Dimitar Blagoev Printing and Publishing

Founded 55 years 1954g.-leader
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